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Pro Arte Synthetic Brushes

Pro Arte manufacture the finest quality artist's brushes.

Mary Ann Rogers uses the flat, 'one stroke' synthetic brushes for all her work. 

Series 106

The 2" brush is perfect for covering large areas, and holds huge amounts of water.

The 5/8" brush is an intermediate size- perfect for feathers, leaves, body and large areas.

The 3/8" brush is the most-used brush, and when turned on it's side produces a fine sharp edge.

Series 101

For fine detail like eyes, highlights etc the series 101 No. 2 brush is perfect.


New! Series 101-0000 Prolene Synthetic brush for the finest of detail.

New! Twistgrip Angle Flat brush TGA-6 perfect for painting angled shapes and strokes, for edging small areas and blending.

Note: The Series 101-0000 & Twistgrip Angle Flat TGA-6 brushes are not included in the Set of 4 offer.


Mary Ann Has selected this range for artists who wish to adopt the 'broad brush' loose and confident style that she has developed, and has become her trademark.




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